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i am that person who constantly jiggles their leg i’m s orry

 "You can't die! Not yet..."  "I can't live without you."  "Hey-- say something!"  "This is a joke right? You aren't really dead. It isn't possible."  "You still have so much to live for."  "Keep breathing! Focus on breathing!"  "I can't do it. I can't lose you, too!"  "It's my fault that this happened to you."  "It could have been anyone... Why you?"  "You have family waiting for you to return-- why did it have to be you?"  "Why couldn't it have been me, instead?"  "It was my job to protect you. I failed you."  "You must live on. You cannot die."  "I will avenge you!"  "If only I was stronger-- I could have protected you."  "Maybe death isn't as scary as people say."  "Death is beautiful."  "I'm sorry. For being so weak."  "I'll die if it means protecting you."  "I'm afraid. But I'll do anything to protect you."  "I saved you. Now-- Shut up and make the best of it."  "I'm going to die either way. Hurry and leave!"  "Never forget me."  "You're worth dying for."


halloveenies presents... boot scootin' gradients ----

seven gradients titled after a few of my favorite country songs, with colors picked here and there from palettes on colourlovers! i was a bit too lazy to make a gif for the previews, so instead, here’s a bit of one of my favorite model claims, daria sidorchuk. i’d definitely appreciate a like or a reblog if you intend to download them, but y’know, if you’re not really feeling it, dropping me a line to let me know you liked them would be fine, too. mf.

"wait what happened with sam pepper im out of the loop"

so, several times in the past he’s made videos in which he’s put females in compromising positions(handcuffing them to him until they kiss him, asking them about sexual experiences, putting them on the spot to kiss him and more) just things you wouldn’t do to any stranger. then a few days ago he put up a prank video of him where he tucked the sleeve of a hoodie into his pocket but had his hand free. he’d ask a girl a question(ie. directions) and then when she wasn’t looking grab her ass. clearly that’s sexual harassment. the girls were all clearly uncomfortable, one even told him that she “didn’t like that” and he kept laughing.

people have been really outraged by it and he hasn’t once addressed it. youtubers have called him out, he’s been trending several times on twitter, yet he’s blatantly ignored everything. he’s continued to tweet and post snapchats but none of them have had anything to do with the video or him apologising in anyway. people have been reporting the video since it went up and youtube finally took it down today

for lack of better explanation, he’s a vile, dangerous person due to the following he has- from teenage boys who’ll think it’s “okay” since he’s done it and teenage girls who are defending him for sexually harassing other females because they don’t know any better. 

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there was a big explosion sound outside and i pulled aside my curtain to see what it was but as i did so, so did the woman across the street and we both sort of waved at each other and it was nice even though something may have exploded





fuck. yes.


i like staying up at unhumanly hours but i also like getting 12 hours of sleep do u see my problem


Halloween Font Pack

As part two of my Halloween Roleplay Pack, I’ve put together eight of my favorite free Halloween fonts.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  None of these fonts were created by me, and all credit goes to the respectful owners!  Please like or reblog if this post was helpful to you!

You can download them here:

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