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                                              a masterlist of habits for you characters 
                          because chewing on nails and lip biting are way too overused 

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Moodboard Gif Hunt

Here is a gif hunt with 500 160x160 moodboard gifs. I made this because I have a real moodboard problem. I can’t stop myself from making them but I don’t want to use the same gifs everyone uses so I started collecting gifs and ended up with a massive…

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noxvita theme 2.06 - "for my family";
{live preview} {download} {alt. download}.

  • 3 titles: two at the top header and one above the right sidebar
  • only 1 customizable link that is meant for an extra links page.
  • top sidebar image: 650 x 150px (will auto resize itself).
  • right long sidebar: 220 x any height (will auto resize itself).
  • has one detail customized color featured through out the theme.
  • description can be as long as you want.
  • pagination featured under the description.
  • 400px posts (not adjustable).
  • includes tags.

please like or reblog if you’re using! (:

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so a lovely anon asked me to make a tutorial on how to actually make a psd, so i said i’d make one!

  • i used photoshop cs5 
  • please like and/or reblog if this tutorial helped you in anyway!

ok let’s begin :)

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→ under the cut, you’ll find about 370 high quality gifs of shelley hennig, from interviews & multiple shows she has appeared on. there shouldn’t be any repeats, but if there is any, sorry in advance! also, none of these contain any text. all credit for gifs goes to the original creators. please like or reblog if you plan on saving. 


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PSD 02 by nymeriiastark

  • works well for average-light scenes
  • B&W option
  • adjust layers as necessary
  • you don’t need to credit me when using, but don’t repost/claim as your own!
  • and please like or reblog if you use!

Download here!

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how to put a gif on top of another gif/merge two gifs together (requested)




  • to know how to make a gif. here is my gif tutorial.
  • two gifs (a given)

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PSD 31: Download

Se baixar dê like ou comente. 

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i just played guitar with a v cute guy and he was so lovely i’m upset

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download: deviantart

Please, LIKE or REBLOG if you download.
DON’T repost and DON’T claim as your own.

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